Screening report – 15. 3. – Jetpack comics, NH

19. March 2012

So over all the event was a hit.  About 40 people showed up for it, which
was less than I had hoped for, but those that did come thoroughly enjoyed

To be honest, initially, people were a bit taken back that it was subtitled
but once the movie got started people forgot that they were reading

The sound quality was great.  I remember you had to remix some of the voices
so I was curious how it would end up but all was fine.  Everyone was amazed
at how high quality the over all production was.  Being a movie based on
Magic I think everyone expected it to be shot on flip cameras.

It was fun.  Over the past few months we have seen more and more players
returning to play Magic so everyone understood the idea of people leaving
the game and then coming back to it refreshed & invigorated.

The only complaint was that everyone wanted to know what the downfall of
Team Fireball was.  What was it that lead to their separation, so much so
that no one knew that one of their old team was 2nd best in the country.

The scenes that showed the Magic cards being played had the crowd out of
their seats and cheering and the final match had everyone on edge.

NONE of us even guessed who the tournament winner turned out to be.  It was
a great twist.  We never even thought about it.

Over the days after I had players coming in yelling Team Fireball every time
they walked through the store and now groups of our players are forming
their own teams.  Pretty soon I expect they will ask me to change my store
name to Fireball!

One of the best quotes was,
“This is Rocky for Magic players”.

The music was well received.  People were surprised that the music was in
English.  Surprised in a good way.

Thanks again for allowing us to screen the film.  It was a great time.  I
wish the turn out had been bigger.

If you would like, there are 2 comic / gaming conventions coming up, in the
area, that might be interested in showing the film.  I’d be happy to put you
in touch with the directors of those 2 shows.
Thank you again.

Ralph DiBernardo – Jetpack Comics LLC