Special Thanks

30. October 2011

Special thanks for an exceptional contribution to the film:

Magiccardmarket.eu have helped to pay for the premiere. Thank you very much.

We have shot the café scene at Café Sladkovský. Thanks!

The second floor of the Golden Dragon was shot in the former Dungeon club, a store of a Czech M:tg e-shop www.mysticshop.cz. Thanks!

The Outpost club have permitted us to have two castings inside their property. Thanks!

    Stanislav Ferko, a member of Butterfly Kiss band, is the score composer for Tap: Max´s Game. Thanks!

Erik McClure, a musician from the US, have contributed the “At the Nationals” and “Semifinals” tracks to our OST. Thanks!

TCjimbo have given us the permission to use OCTGN in the film. Thanks!

Tha Gatherin, the first Magic: the Gathering music band, have contributed their song “Swing for it” for the OST. Thanks!

We have shot the concert scene, along with all exteriors, at club Motoráj. Thanks!

Nina Zardalishvili have photographed our first film promo and is currently our PR/Advertising manager for Czech Republic. Thanks!

Sportovniceny.cz have lent us many film trophies, cups and ribbons. Thanks!

Agna is the band featured in the film, playing with Martin White. Thanks!

SÚZ Praha have permitted several shootings in Masaryk dorms an the nearby bar. Thanks!

We have shot the first floor of the Golden Dragon club in Temný střelec. Thanks!

The Black Fortress club was shot inside Černý rytíř. Thanks!

ADC Blackfire have lent us many of the film props, many of which we have used. Thanks!

Dračí jeskyně club have lent us their place to shoot the club Fireball. Thanks!