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Did you like the film? On this page, we would like to ask you to donate to the development of our next films. All members of the crew – camera, sound, editing, postproduction, advertising, cast and others have participated on the film without any financial incentive in their free time.


You can help, too!

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– Help with the screening costs

– Help with the development of other films – not only on the topic of Magic: the Gathering! Every donation helps with the professionalization of the development.

– Help offset hosting costs

– Help support the efforts of a band of lone filmmakers, doing their best for films that you like, in a world dominated with large studio conglomerates, that only seldom listen to the fans.


Movies for the fans – from the fans!

This film have already been liked by many Magic: the Gathering players. Strength in numbers! If each person only makes a small donation, the cumulative impact can be very great for the filmmakers – there will be more time for the work of the cast and crew, more money for more professional equipment and more entertainment for the viewers!


Everyone wins!

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