Thomas Fish

Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
Date of birth: 20. 12. 1989
Age: 20
Played by: Max Novosad

Thomas Fish has a rich Magic past, influenced by his visit on Pro Tour Prague 2006, where he saw international organized play at its’s best – since then, he aimed at becoming the best Magic player. His role in the team is a happy one – he’s a brash and hearty player, deeply interested in cards, but also a good friend and a motivator of the whole group. He believes that the gang’s reunion is was a fateful event.

With his DCI rating 1850+, he is one of the better players in the country. Thomas is an optimist and a sangvinic, developing great bonds with the gang. His deck is Eldrazi Green.

As one of the five members of the Fireball team, he´s the one to offer Karel a chance to play again…

Max Novosad – “With head in the clouds and Inspiration by his side”. Max comes from Russia. He moved into Czech republic and awakens his artistic soul. He does photography, writing, drawing, and right now living his big dream – acting. The role of Thomas is his film debut.

Much like Thomas Fish, Max is a calm, cool and collected guy.