Karel Adam

Zodiac sign: Pisces
Date of birth: 20. 4. 1991
Age: 19
Played by: Ondřej Holeček

Karel Adam is a Magic veteran that once had all you could want as a good Magic player – a great team, an awesome Magic club, all the card skills and the reputation of a good player. He met his teammates as life went on – Thomas , Joe, and Martin in junior high and Max  in high school. These guys weren’t only his sparring partners, but most of all, his best friends. And so he began his card career, along with them, in Fireball.

Unfortunately for Karel , the gang fell apart several years ago, Fireball was sold – and the only thing remaining for Karel  was to reminisce. Karel Adam is a kind and thoughtful player that enjoys playing in a team, and that’s why he doesn’t play anymore – there is no fun left for him in the game. His last Magic experience is from Fireball. He will try his luck with Jacerator.

Ondřej Holeček was born in Prague. His personal invasion into the film world began way before Max’s Game. He shot several short films under the name Ohmfilm, such as Probuzení or Desetdvacet, which were late shown at the Frame film festival and on the Underfilm film association screenings.  Max’s Game is his first feature length film experience.