Max Miller

Zodiac sign: Scorpio
Date of birth: 27. 10. 1989
Age: 20
Played by: Mikoláš Adlof

Max Miller – Right now the second best player in the country, last beaten by the current champion in the last Nationals’ finals, Max was always close to Magic cards. When he met Thomas at high school and saw Magic cards again, a breaking point in his card career ensued. Max is an witty and fast player, fueled by his craving to become the best. His nature to burn bridges and analyse the situation, always selfishly searching for the best possible outcome simply gave him the card career. 

Max, when the gang broke up, actually never stopped playing. After a short time after the breakup itself, he started playing again – Max visited the club Black Hole, where he saw his first Magic cards as a kid, and he slowly worked his way into the Black Fortress, a place where only the elite players meet to compete, and became a Czech Magic: the Gathering star. He is currently playing Monoblack Aggro.

The coldness of his thoughts and sarcasm of his character is only strenghtened by Mikoláš’s charisma.

Mikoláš Adlof  comes from Prague and currently studies Liberal arts and Humanities and Territorial studies at Charles university. This is his first acting experience, as he had always worked only behind the scenes.